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Introduction to Estates in Reversion
Estates in Reversion

Introduction to Estates in Reversion

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An Introduction to Estates in Reversion “The Proof” Collected Papers, on Land Tenures, Uses & Trusts.

This current introduction is NOT the course. This paper is a single PDF called ‘the primer’, with proof, included to demonstrate that there is, in fact, a justifiable, legal and lawful remedy written in both common law, and in equity, for one to self-determine under a different law jurisdiction than English law.

Its purpose is to show the reader that there is, in fact, a choice. A choice to either act in the right of another, under civil law, as an agent to the principal (government), as you currently probably are or choose to vest your estate and live self-sustainably on your own land; providing for yourself and your family. You protect it and it will continually produce for you, and/or your lineage, and for generations. Using processes that work within the laws already established in nature as opposed to being against it, like many current procedures and practices do.

We digress.

The full PDF Document ‘Collected Papers on Land Tenures, Uses and Trusts, The Proof’ is available for download on the lesson page.





The laws that are hidden and then taken as assumed
keeping one subject to a secret trust by feoffment —
a land trust created at birth

How one becomes subject to Uses and Trusts

How one removes being subject to Uses and Trusts

Never become a subject by ignorance again!

Ignorance of the law is no excuse!

First Edition


*Introduction to 3 level course*

Course to help with the understanding and learning to come soon!

Introduction PDF (overview):

The Introduction PDF will give you the exact proof in law evidenced by the treatises to support it. This “proof” is written by the English scholars and not omnipotence.ca. All information includes the source and justifiable facts written by the English law judges and scholars for you to examine and study for yourselves.

The introduction PDF aka Primer is only the proof one needs as it provides all the supporting laws and treaties, The courses deal with everything outlined in the introduction PDF, plus more, and in much greater detail, assisting one further in their understanding of what is being discussed by these scholars, kings, judges, etc. What you will find in this introduction primer is 18 chapters with over 300MB of justifiable fact, in law, on how English law contracts with everyone and how to remove oneself from this contract. The introduction PDF is complete and anyone that reads all suggested material can gain a full understanding of all the areas of law covered within the introduction. As a result, they are not required to purchase the course, the course helps to understand the information that is included in the primer. The courses will delve deeper into English Law’s history, (how it works, how it has changed over the years) and institutes a much broader and meaningful understanding of the concept of trusts and contracts, etc, It may cover concepts that aren’t mentioned in the primer.

Chapters of the Introduction.

  1. Preface
  2. Introduction to English Law and Jurisdictions.
  3. English Law Jurisdictions with Diagram.
  4. Area of Law Jurisdictions with Diagram
  5. Basic History in English law with Diagram
  6. Court Jurisdictions with Diagram
  7. Vesting Trusts with Diagram
  8. Introduction to Modern Uses & Trusts
  9. The Laws that make One Subject to English Law
  10. Settled Lands Act 1925
  11. Reforms and Repeals
  12. Trust Law
  13. Trust Law Outline
  14. Trust Law Checklist
  15. Introduction to Notices and Powers
  16. Example of Constructive Notice to Government
  17. Example of Constructive Notice to Fee-Simple
  18. Additional Information (additional treatise and supporting docs)

Each chapter includes full supporting documents with the case law, treatise and tests, in law, to provide one with everything needed in order to determine a trust; what was given, who are the parties to the trust, and their rights & duties to the trust.

The 3 level course will investigate all the areas of law ‘attached’ which make up the whole of English law land tenures, and so explains the finer points to these areas of law. The course provides the history of the English law system land tenures and uses & trust and how this system of law has grown into what it is today.


Support is NOT available for the introduction PDF — however there is an open discussion room in the forum on the website for members to discuss the Introduction PDF -as there is way too much information to try and explain every aspect of the English law which consequently is provided for in any additional courses that are available for purchase. This document does its best to instill the benefits of investigating any additional courses but also provides enough information about English law so one comes to understand how and why one is subject to the governments (juristic units). It is our opinion that the additional courses would only serve to benefit one’s knowledge if they are truly seeking absolute freedom from the English land tenure system. Support for the levels 1 through 3 courses is available in the forum. All questions must be on the chapter one has a question about. Omnipotence.ca, its host, facilitator, support staff, and/or its students do not offer legal advice and will only give support for the information being supplied regarding the capacity of the settlor to the land trust and termination of the land trust only.

Terms of Use

Please review the terms of use HERE. The PDF is password protected and CANNOT be copied, printed, edited or transferred to anyone. Only the purchaser can view the PDF.

Short Description

The Proof all in one pdf!


  • Introduction to Estates in Reversion Duration: 20 HRS

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